Statistics Learning Centre plans to run two events at KidFest 2017: Dragon Scientists, and The Dragon Games.

Both events use our award winning Dragon Cards, are engaging and fun, and help practice and develop maths skills. The events run for 90 minutes and cost $15. Further details will be available here and in the KidsFest brochure once the events have been approved by the KidsFest organisers.

Our KidsFest events are for girls and boys:

  • They can like maths or not like maths.
  • They can think they are good at maths or think they are not good at maths.
  • Everyone will learn something.
  • Everyone will have fun and feel successful.

The events are run by Dr Nicola Petty and Shane Dye, directors of Statistics Learning Centre.

Play, develop and create games with dragons. Explore how games work, what makes them fun and the development process. We play a variety of games involving dragon cards from The Dragon Games. Can you earn all four medals in The Dragon Games? Can you make up a new Dragonistics game?

Bring your enthusiasm and love of games. An interest in dragons is useful but not essential.

The Dragon Games is for 8-13 year olds.
The Junior Dragon Games is for 5-9 year olds.

Become a dragon scientist and explore the Dragonistics universe using dragon cards to discover information about the dragons. There are over 200 Dragonistics dragons, each with its own card. Recently claims have been made about these dragons and we need your help exploring the data to find if the claims are true.

Are red dragons taller? Are female dragons more dangerous? See if you can backup the claims with what you find. Or, can you prove them wrong!

Dragon data scientists will find this maths fun and rewarding. Anyone can have a go and succeed. You can challenge yourself to delve deeper.

We also play active and table top games using the dragon cards. Can you earn all four medals in The Dragon Games?

Bring your curiosity and enthusiasm. An interest in dragons is useful but not essential.

Dragon Scientists is for 8-13 year olds.
Junior Dragon Scientists is for 5-9 year olds.